Monday, April 29, 2013

The Slogan Contest

My wife is branding. Re-branding, I guess. She is searching for a new slogan for her forensic pathology consulting practice, PathologyExpert, Inc. The current slogan is "Science on Your Side." I have proposed:

She'll Slap You with Some Science

She's Super Sciencey

Dr. Judy: Science Tool

Justice, Well Done - With a Side of Science

Science, Sideways for You

She Sells Science Siding

For You, Special Today: Science

Science: Because I Like You

Science You Want? Science I got

Sassy Sassy Science

Slide into Some Science

Unleash the Science

Slip Sliding the Science

None of these ideas of mine has met with the approval of the persnickety doctor in question. So I hereby throw it out to the blogosphere: find PathologyExpert, Inc. a slogan.  As incentive, I offer a prize. If Judy chooses your slogan for her company, I will name a dead body after you in our forthcoming forensics-detective novel "The First Cut."

Submit your proposed motto in the comments section below. The deadline for submissions is June 15. Feel free to use anonymous Internet handles, but please be prepared to offer your real name in a private email correspondence at a future date should you win the contest and wish to attain immortality in demise, in print, in "The First Cut."